Week 0-1, Lunches/Dinners: Baking/cooking new things

In the category of new things for lunch and dinner, I’ve focused mainly on grains that I can eat.  So, my mom, always the eager supporter, pulled out her bread machine and we proceeded to make oat/rye bread (substituted oat flour for bread flour in a rye bread recipe).. and it turned out pretty bad!  Very small, very dense, and kind of gritty..  So after more research, we picked up some Xanthum gum, dough enhancer, and potato starch and I used these items to attempt bread in the bread machine again.  I got the recipe from this site: http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/2009/02/delicious-gluten-free-bread.html BUT instead of the two different kinds of flour, I just used oat flour, and instead of the Egg Replacer, I used the ground flaxseed replacement method (3 tbsp hot water to 1 tbsp flaxseed equals one egg).  And this test was better than the first, but still very small and very dense, but not gritty!  From other sites I’ve read, I think since this bread machine doesn’t have a “GF” setting, I’m going to try my next loaves just by mixing in my mixer, let it rise, then bake in the oven.  We’ll see if that’s any more successful!

I have made some GF, dairy free, egg free cornbread twice now with two different recipes and this is MUCH more successful.  The first recipe: http://www.kosherblog.net/2005/03/09/blue_ribbon_vegan_cornbread/ I just replaced the all purpose flour with oat flour and it turned out great!  Slightly dry, but with some honey on top it was perfect.  The second recipe used walnuts, so I thought bonus, some extra protein!: http://www.walnuts.org/walnuts/index.cfm/all-recipes/cornbread-walnut-muffins/  Here I exchanged the flour again for oat flour, the eggs for the flaxseed replacement, and almond milk.  It has been good too, though a little crumbly.

Also from this walnut site, I made a Lentil-Walnut spread similar to hummus type consistency and use: http://www.walnuts.org/walnuts/index.cfm/all-recipes/lentil-walnut-spread/  Very disgusting color, but tastes good, I dipped broccoli in it today!  I made up a whole bag of lentils and froze some for later use.  I also made up a whole bag of wild rice, but unfortunately I think I over-cooked it because the bag lied and told me to put WAY too much water in it and I kept waiting for the rice to soak it all up!  It’s still edible, but not fabulous.. I froze it and will probably end up adding it to soups for the most part.  To give myself some munching options with the walnuts, I made a salty and a sweet type: http://www.walnuts.org/walnuts/index.cfm/all-recipes/rosemary-and-sea-salt-walnuts/ and http://www.cookstepbystep.com/honey_roastedwalnuts.html

Let’s see what else have I made.. Oh I attempted grilled cheese with my second round of bread!  I used my Galaxy Nutritional Foods Rice Vegan cheese aanndd.. it did not melt!  Very bummed.. my mom suggested that next time I might try zapping it in the microwave first, then grilling it to get the nice crust on the bread (which I used my coconut butter for).  It didn’t taste bad, but I must say this “cheese” sure doesn’t taste like normal cheese.  Not bad, just not great.

We also made up some spring rolls with just random things we had, like cabbage, carrots and avocados and some leftover chicken stew.  Spring rolls are fabulously quick, you just warm up some water in a pan and dip it in carefully, give it a minute or two and then carefully remove.  Put whatever ingredients you want in the middle, roll it up, eat!

So I’m feeling pretty good that I have options and if all else fails, I can always have a salad or can of tuna!


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