Week 1: Buying new things!

I’ve been actively on my “elimination diet” (I hate calling it a diet since that is always associated with losing weight.. this diet is about feeling better, okay??) for a full week now.  I’ve spent much of it exploring what options are out there for me and trying to get several meal options on my shelves and into the freezer so if temptation arises (hmm like my dream about big fluffy rolls with pumpkin cream cheese??), I’m prepared with lots of options.

To prep for this diet change, thankfully I was in Des Moines which has lots of health food options, so I trekked out to Costco and then Trader Joe’s with my mom to see what options there were and how affordable things were.  Costco had a surprisingly high number of options, so I stocked up on a 2 lb bag of walnuts (highly recommended by my aunt), a huge bag of already ground flax seed, a 1.25 lb bag of Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Straws, Canadian bacon, cans of black beans, a five pack of avocados (love them!!), and a cracker variety pack with 4 different kinds, 2 of which I could eat (I think the brand is Crunchmaster..).

Trader Joe’s had quite a few items and all were much more reasonable than what I had seen in the Hy-Vee Health Food area. I found brown rice pasta ($1.99), rice milk ($1.69), coconut milk  ($1.99), sunflower butter ($3.99), smoked salmon (4 oz @$2.99), and hemp powder protein ($10.99).  So far, I’m very pleased with the sunflower butter but the hemp protein powder I’m not so thrilled with.  I’ve been making smoothies for breakfast a lot of mornings, partially in an attempt to get down the ProGreens Probiotic I’m supposed to be taking (blech), but I’m also supposed to be having mostly protein for breakfast, so I thought getting some protein powder would help, but so far I haven’t found quite the right balance.  See my post about baking/cooking new items for more details.

Upon returning home, I perused the Hy-Vee Health section a little more thoroughly and came across some meal bar options since I always like to have those handy for those times when you’re running around and don’t have time to make/buy anything to eat.  I found one called TrueBar by Bakery on Main and it was very tasty!  I got the Walnut Cappucino flavor ($1.79).  I did a quick google of it and it looks like it’s a pretty new product- good timing for me!  🙂  I also picked up a Boomi Bar by Divine Foods Products, Perfect Pumpkin flavor ($2.09)- haven’t tried it yet; and NuGO FREE bars in Dark Chocolate Crunch and Carrot Cake ($1.39 each)- also haven’t tried.  I have also picked up the ingredients for my GF, dairy free bread (again, see baking/cooking post for details) at Hy-Vee since they carry lots of flour options by Bob’s Red Mill brand; I got oat flour and potato starch from that brand and then also got some Xanthum gum.  Just yesterday, I picked up Galaxy Nutritional Foods Rice Vegan cheese, Earth Balance Coconut Butter and La Tortilla Factory Smart & Delicious GF Wraps.  My husband also had the brilliant idea of getting spring roll wrappers and cellophane noodles.

The hardest things to have to give up so far have been cheese, yogurt, and cereal!  I have been very thankful that I quickly found a way to make dairy-free hot chocolate, that marshmallows are still ok, and that some dark chocolates are okay!

After one week, I wasn’t expecting to necessary feel better or worse and so far I would say it’s hard to tell.  Is my stomach still a little funky?  Yes.. but of course new foods and more “roughage” via more veggies could be the cause of that.  I have felt like I’ve had a little more energy, but I’m also on some supplements that may be helping with that.  So, really I am just going to continue on as best I can, document as much as I can (sole reason for this blog!), and see what if any difference it makes!


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