Like father, like daughter

My dad was just tested to see what food intolerances he has and found he has quite a few, just like me!  His highest were milk, eggs, and almonds with mild issues with most other nuts.  Thankfully he was fine with all grains, but having to give up yogurt and cheese, among other things has been hard for him!  He’s kind of stubborn, so giving certain things up is pretty tough for him.  Luckily he has my mom to help him out and to try to keep him in line!  I bought him some soy yogurt at Trader Joe’s, since he can have soy, but I haven’t heard if he liked that or not.  My mom attempted to make buffalo chips for him using soybean butter instead of peanut butter and vegetable oil instead of butter; she said the soybean butter has not been a hit and has a weird flavor.  Also, like me, the thought of giving up pizza for a long period of time is devastating for him!  🙂


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