Getting through Christmas

Trying to find fun things to eat at Christmas has been pretty tough..  We attempted to make a caramel sauce to use for dipping apples that didn’t have any dairy in it and it proved impossible.  We used a recipe at first but that never thickened and then we tried just making it from brown sugar and coconut oil but that just burned.  So instead I looked up some other apple dip ideas and finally decided to just mix canned pumpkin with vanilla frosting (no dairy or soy in it!) and spices.  Surprisingly, it tasted pretty good, though maybe a little runny.  I also made up some more of my lentil-walnut spread to use as a veggie dip.  I don’t think anyone else tried it (it isn’t real pretty looking) but at least it gave me some more options!  I also tried out some gluten free, egg free rye bread from Trader Joe’s and it was just okay.  It was very crumbly and didn’t work well for a sandwich.  The oat bread I made a few weeks ago was better.  When I’m back in Dubuque, I’m hoping to try out another GF bread recipe and bake it in the oven to see if I have some better luck.  I managed to stay away from the multitude of cookies!!  Buutt.. today, it is Christmas.. and I just couldn’t say no to a homemade cinnamon roll!  So that will be my one indulgence 😀


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