Sticking with it.. for the most part!

The week between Christmas and New Year’s I did my best to stick with my diet restrictions, though I had a few little sneaks here and there.  I’ve just been a little too lazy to do a food diary entry every day.. hey, I’m on vacation here!  🙂

I had a chance to meet with my aunt again and talked with her about how I have still been very fatigued and how my GI issues haven’t improved a whole lot.  She decided to have me try adding 1-3 mgs of testosterone lotion and switching to DHEA 5 mg pill instead of the spray to see if these two hormones would help with my fatigue.  I started this on Thursday and had a really sluggish day on Friday, but since then I’ve been feeling a little bit more energized, though not an extreme amount.  So we’ll see how things go with this…  As far as my stomach, it has actually been quite a bit better just in the last few days!  Hopefully things are looking up!

My aunt also had us (my parents and me) do a Metametrix Organix Comprehensive Profile urine test.  What this test will look to see if we have any vitamin, mineral, or amino acid deficiencies as well as any bacterial imbalances.  This will hopefully help my aunt narrow down some of the areas where we are having issues and also see if the supplements we are taking now are sufficient or if some changes should be made.


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