30 Day Challenge

Making a huge diet change can be really daunting, and as busy as I am, I haven’t had a lot of time to really think through how best to go about doing it.  I did it before when I eliminated those 10 items from my diet two years ago, but this will take a little more planning, especially since it will include excluding some fruits and veggies that I normally wouldn’t have worried about (*tear* mangoes).

I think the best way to start is going to be a 30 day challenge.  That is long enough that I should start to see some improvements, but not so long that I will feel overwhelmed.  My suspicion is that, if it seems to be working, I will be able to continue after 30 days.  But if I don’t feel better after 30 days, then I think it will be time to rethink things and try a different plan of attack, maybe even the SCD diet.

So, looking ahead to what I have coming up, I am thinking that the best time to start this challenge will be AFTER our family dinner next weekend, so that I can feel like I can still eat what everyone else is, one last time (for awhile).  I am still contemplating doing some sort of “cleanse” to get the diet started on the right foot, so I just need to decide what that will look like.  My guess is that would be best to do on a weekend (when if I’m zapped, I can nap :)), so tentatively, I’m putting my start date as March 15th.

Between now and then, I’m going to slowly start cutting out some of the foods when it’s not too much of a hassle.  So for example, I am going to try my best to stop eating crackers.  Bread.. well I might need a slice or two between now and then, but I don’t eat it too frequently.  I think it will mostly be about being more conscious of what I’m eating and making better decisions, knowing what could be potentially causing my issues.  Like, no more lentil soup!!  (bad experience with that this week eek.. anyone want some lentil soup that’s in my freezer??)

Okay, so tentative plans are set up!  Now just to tackle the details and get some meals planned out between now and March 15th.. I can do this!  Here’s to feeling better!


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