DIY Coconut Milk & Flour

I decided to tackle making my own coconut milk after seeing this post on pinterest:
DIY Coconut Milk

I’ve been buying coconut milk from Trader Joe’s for a long time now because it is a pretty reasonable price and I have always liked that it is shelf stable, so I can stock up on a whole bunch and not worry about crowding my fridge.  Well, even at good ol TJ’s, there are some not so great additives in the coconut milk :-/ The only way to buy a more “pure” coconut milk is to buy the canned kind, which can get pretty pricey if you’re drinking it a lot!

So I thought I’d take a stab at making it myself.  I bought organic shredded coconut from the bulk aisle at Hy-Vee, I got 0.7 lb for about $4, which ended up being about 3.5 cups.

I soaked 3 cups of the coconut with 6 cups of water for two hours.

Coconut soaking

Coconut soaking

Then it was time to blend it!  I had to do two batches in the blender.  I bought a “nut milk bag” and strained the coconut milk using this, making sure to squeeze out as much moisture as possible because the leftover bits can then be used to make coconut flour!!  I ended up with 1.5 pitchers, each pitcher being 41 ounces, so my estimate would be probably close to 50 ounces of milk.

coconut milk!!

coconut milk!!

Then I spread out the coconut leftovers on two sheets and baked them at 170 degrees for over an hour (the blog said 45 mins but I didn’t think it felt dry enough).

soon-to-be coconut flour

soon-to-be coconut flour

Once this seemed dry enough, I put it through the food processor and tada, coconut flour!!

coconut flour

coconut flour

All in all, it was a fair bit of a work (especially when I made a few messes *ahem*), but I am pretty pleased with what all I got for $4!  Especially knowing that there is nothing funny added to any of these products- just organic coconut and water!




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  1. Aren’t you clever! Target has the organic coconut in a bag. I just got some this week, 8oz. for $4.29, but says it is only 2 2/3 cups, Hyvee bulk is a little cheaper. I put some in my banana bran muffins!

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