Week 2 Plan/Prep

I’m a little behind, but have been thinking ahead for meal planning/prepping this week!  I decided to continue eliminating the same foods, including banana, but excluding chocolate since I already cheated a bit with that 🙂  I’ll just limit it to my pumpkin chocolate chip oat bars, at least!  Taking another analysis, ya know, I do think I’m feeling better!  I have had a lot more energy despite staying up later and being frazzled with homework!  And aside from some grumbling/pain from the attempt with goat’s milk yogurt, my stomach has felt great!  In fact, I feel like I’ve been SO hungry, I have to make sure I don’t eat too much.  It can be easy to think “hey this is all healthy stuff, I can eat more!”

Week 2 Meal Plan

Week 2 Meal Plan

Week 2 Meal Prepping

Week 2 Meal Prepping



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