Homemade, lactose-free Yogurt!

Today I got to try my freshly made, lactose-free yogurt!!  It was a pretty easy process, it just takes quite a bit of time.  I first went to the store to pick out milk, I wasn’t sure if the “ultrapastuerized” kind or the already lactose-free kind would work, so I went with regular 1% milk (was going to do 2% but the 1% was on sale for 99 cents!).  I used an entire half gallon and boiled it on the stove until it reached 180 degrees.  Then I let it cool down to 110 degrees, which took maybe 20-30 mins sitting out.  I thought about putting it in the fridge, but I was busy making dinner so wasn’t in a huge rush for the next step.  Once it was 110 degrees, I mixed 6 tablespoons of the warm milk with the yogurt starter, then once that was fully mixed, whisked it in to the rest of the milk.  Then I plugged in the yogurt maker, poured the milk in to the container, and let it simmer for 24 hours.  Now normally you would only have to “cook” it for 8-12 hours, but in order to ensure that it is fully lactose-free, the SCD diet recommends cooking it for 24 hours.  From what I’ve read, that does result in a more sour yogurt.  Once it had cooked for 24 hours, it needed to be refrigerated for at least 8 hours.

yogurt making awaits!

yogurt making awaits!

So this morning was the first taste test!!  It is definitely very tart, though so is store-bought plain yogurt, so I wasn’t surprised.  It has a little bit of an after taste, but nothing like goat’s milk yogurt.  I mixed it with some maple syrup and then put some on my baked carrot cake oatmeal.

homemade yogurt!

homemade yogurt!

yogurt and oatmeal

yogurt and oatmeal

I would say it was not the greatest on the oatmeal, I think because the oatmeal was not very sweet and then adding some tart didn’t go well.  But I am hopeful that mixing the yogurt with berries and maple syrup and letting it sit for a day or so to let the flavors meld will make a world of a difference!

2 quarts of yogurt= $0.99+ $1.56 for starter!

2 quarts of yogurt= $0.99 milk + $1.56 for starter!

I have looked into if I could use coconut milk to make yogurt and I think it will be doable, though certainly more expensive.  From the tutorials I’ve seen, they recommend using the canned coconut milk since it is thicker, so at least for awhile I don’t think I’d better try my homemade coconut milk.  Now, my stomach did seem a little off today, but it wasn’t an immediate reaction after the yogurt, so I don’t know if it was related or not.  I did have a banana (eaten quickly while walking) for an afternoon snack and wonder if that was part of it.  I will continue to be cognizant of how I’m feeling after eating the yogurt and see.  I really think my issue was with the lactose because I can eat cheese and have little to no problems.  We shall see!  But I think 2 qts of yogurt should last me quite awhile, so I am definitely going to find some other uses for it!  It was an exciting adventure to do this, though, I certainly would never have thought I’d be making my own coconut milk AND yogurt!  Who needs cooking classes when you have Pinterest?? 🙂


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