Racing, Traveling, and Picky Stomachs

Eating while traveling is always tough when there’s a picky stomach involved, but adding to that the challenge of running a race while traveling, and wow!  I had a really rough time figuring out what to pack and what to plan to eat, etc.  I was almost frozen with indecision and even though it was a short four hour drive, I decided not to pack anything for dinner.  At the last minute, I threw in a big container of homemade coconut yogurt with some strawberries and granola to eat for lunch.  It felt pretty sad pulling that out to eat at the Mall of America, sitting in front of Johnny Rockets!

this is totally normal to eat at the mall of america, right?

this is totally normal to eat at the mall of america, right?

The rest of the day, basically I ate pecans, walnuts, and raisins.  I ate so many nuts that day that I’m surprised I didn’t turn in to one!  But I was so fearful to eat just about anything else..  For dinner, I had decided I would go somewhere that I could make my own salad, like Subway, so that’s where I went.  Problem: I accidentally ordered balsamic vinegarette, thinking I was ordering JUST balsamic vinegar.  Plus, she of course poured way too much on, and so by the time I got my salad, it was the saddest, limpest looking spinach, tomato, tiny slices of cucumber, and black olive salad I had ever seen.  I tried to eat as much as I could, but the vinegarette was overpowering and I kept thinking about how it surely had a bunch of crap that I shouldn’t eat.  I threw most of it away and went to my car, where, horrifically, I decided to straight shot warm apple cider vinegar in an attempt to fend off any potential ill effects from the vinegarette.  I tell you, I love vinegar more than any normal person should, but straight shotting warm apple cider vinegar might be the grossest thing I’ve ever done.  This is why having a picky stomach and being a runner makes me a little insane.   I know that I have to fuel properly the day before a half marathon in order to have energy, but if 90% of what I eat causes stomach problems, it’s a really tough battle!!

For my pre-race “breakfast” (hardly qualifies), I had dry brown rice crispies and two clementines.  Luckily, those seemed to be enough so that I wasn’t starving but also not too full.  The race went decently, though I still got a side cramp despite all of my best efforts!  It’s hard to tell if side cramps are caused by upset stomach or not, I sure get them a lot but they feel much different than a usual upset stomach.

The rest of the weekend I just decided to eat what sounded good, since with the race behind me I didn’t have to worry quite so much about an upset stomach holding me back.  I munched on a banana, trail mix, and a bag of potato chips post race, and then after a nice nap, I ventured out to find something for lunch.  My first try at a salad shop turned up empty, so I went in hunt of something like Au Bon Pain or Panera and found Cosi.  I had a yummy salad with chicken, bacon, and gorgonzola that hit the spot!  Dinner was a bit more of a problem, I searched yelp for something but nothing was sounding good.  I finally found a place and went out to find it, and again came up empty!  So I wandered aimlessly, also waiting to see if the hubby would be able to join, and let my hunger get away from me and got to that scary place that is beyond hunger.  It is the spacey, I need to eat but everything sounds horrible phase that usually ends with me crying and/or getting very angry.  Hangry, as it were.  Luckily, my hubby came to the rescue and we found somewhere quickly that had some good options.  I scarfed down almost the entire plate of sweet potato fries that were smothered in turkey gravy, cheese curds, sage, and cherries.  I know it sounds weird, but it was SOO tasty!  We also got dessert, chocolate torte, which was yummy!  I didn’t feel that great going to bed, but woke up feeling fine.  In fact, for brunch, I decided to try out an egg white omelette (with quinoa, spinach, tomato, and goat cheese) and I have felt fine all day, surprisingly!!

Only new food I have to share was something I whipped up before we left because I was afraid my coconut milk was going to go bad.  It was Coconut Milk Panna Cotta and it was very yummy!!  I didn’t have any cardamom (which I remedied today), but otherwise I followed the recipe.  I would say it makes four servings, I put it in to two bowls, but it was very filling and I only ate half.

coconut milk panna cotta

coconut milk panna cotta

More travels are ahead of me and I plan to bring at least lunch for the first day.  Some of the meals are included, so while that doesn’t always mean there will be something that I can/want to eat, I also don’t feel like trying to pack three days of food with me.  So I will just have to try my best and make sure I have trail mix handy at all times to avoid turning in to Hangry. 🙂


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