About “picky stomachs”

I started this blog in December 2011 and kept it up for a few months as I went through an elimination diet of 10 major foods (see “My 2011-2012 Adventure“).  I learned a lot about foods and how to substitute different things, as well as all of the sneaky things that food manufacturers put in to our packaged foods.  Unfortunately, after three months of diligence, I really never felt that much better.  I thought maybe it was that my aunt had overloaded me on the supplement side of things, and I finally stopped the supplements cold turkey and jumped right back in to wheat and dairy with a tasty, tasty pizza!  And amazingly, I felt BETTER for a little while after stopping the supplements and eating the pizza!

I decided to still stay away from soy, eggs, and peanuts because those were the worst intolerances, but I added wheat back in whole-heartedly and got back to my usual dairy diet of just yogurt and cheese (I haven’t drank milk since high school and pretty much have given up on ice cream).  I fully embraced using ground flaxseed in place of eggs in my baked goods and settled on protein rich smoothies for breakfast that I made ahead on Sundays.  And I made a concerted effort to eat healthier all around!  I felt a little better off and on through 2013 with the help of apple cider vinegar and when I decided to tackle another marathon in October 2013, I had a pretty good handle on what was best for me to eat the night before.  I made my own electrolyte drink and embraced sweet potatoes for breakfast the morning of long runs, and for the most part I got through runs without too much GI distress.

Throughout training, not surprisingly, I was pretty exhausted, but I just figured it was part of training so I took some extra naps and let the excitement of reaching towards another goal keep me afloat.  The month of the marathon was utter and complete chaos, with the combination of a grad class starting up, a work trip, turning 30 (eek) and deciding last minute to take a vacation to Costa Rica!  So again, being exhausted was no surprise and frankly I was too busy to even notice.  The weeks following this whirlwind were rough, but expected.  I pushed on with the knowledge that I would have a nice week off at home during Christmas to get back to the reality of life.  I, of course, tried to cram in as much as I could that week and ended up feeling even more exhausted by the end of it.

Fast forward to today and the reason I’m reviving this blog: I feel just as exhausted and foggy now as I did at the peak of my marathon training!  Add that to my standard upset stomach/gas, and I’ve decided it’s time to take another look at my diet.  My mom passed along information from a friend about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD).  I checked in to it but found it to be super strict, so when my brother-in-law told me about the FODMAP diet, it seemed more doable to tackle.  At the very least, I decided that ridding my diet of processed foods, chemicals, and added sugar (for awhile at least…) was a great starting point!

Join me on my journey exploring new, better for you foods!!


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