Breakfast Smoothie Formula

For, I don’t know, maybe it has been close to a year, I’ve been making up four days’ worth of breakfast smoothies on Sundays.  Here is the general formula I follow, with some adjustments depending on what I have on hand.

Breakfast Smoothie

Glass of water
1-2 scoops of plain Hemp protein
1 scoop of chia seeds
1 scoop of ground flaxseed
3ish scoops of oats
Several slices of fresh gingerroot
Several tsps of cinnamon

Two handfuls of spinach (sometimes kale)
1.5-2 bananas
3-4 big scoops of plain greek yogurt
1-2 scoops of nut butter (almond or sunflower)
One or two other kinds of fruit, ranging from frozen berries, applesauce, pumpkin, mangoes

Sometimes I’ll add some cocoa powder or almond extract if I’m bored with the flavor

I blend the first bunch of ingredients first, then add just the spinach and blend again, then the final ingredients.  One batch makes two smoothies, I pour them into individual glasses that have lids.