Day 5

Homework levels are beginning to consume me, so this will be brief so I can get back to that.  I have made time to try a few new foods, well two I guess weren’t “new” but I made some tiny adjustments and they were just as good!

For dinner last night, I used the leftover chicken breasts from the crockpot chicken on Monday to make an amazing Greek Inspired Chicken meal!  It is almost the same recipe as this one: Greek Inspired Chicken Breast Recipe except I subbed garlic infused oil instead of the garlic and instead of spinach on top, I added chopped cucumber and fresh mint.  SOOOO good!  So good in fact that I devoured it before I could take a picture of it!  Trust me, it looked as good as it tasted.

Since I made up a broth from the crockpot chicken, I wanted to throw together a quick soup with some of it and the rest of the leftover chicken.  One thing to note, I am loving the making your own broth from the chicken bones/skin, but cooking it in the crockpot overnight is a bit annoying because the WHOLE house smells like soup and I actually found it hard to sleep!  Next time I might make it in the basement and close the door haha!  The soup I made is one that I have made before, it is from Iowa Girl Eats: Harvest Chicken Quinoa Soup  The only changes I made was I excluded the onions and just sauteed the veggies in the garlic infused oil.  Looks yummy and I will be glad to have it on hand for a quick meal!  I accidentally used my smaller pot, though, so it was a bit full 🙂

harvest quinoa soup

harvest chicken quinoa soup

For breakfast yesterday, I made an impromptu oatmeal/quinoa bowl, semi-inspired by Chocolate Covered Katie.  It was oats cooked in coconut milk with some already cooked quinoa added, fresh pineapple, shredded coconut, cinnamon, and a tiny bit of maple syrup.  It was yuuummy!

oatmeal/quinoa pina colada!

oatmeal/quinoa pina colada!

Last thing I gave a whirl was 3 Ingredient Paleo Naan.  She had me at 3 ingredients!  Well, and Paleo 🙂  It is just almond meal, tapioca flour, and canned coconut milk!  I would say the only thing not super “easy” about them was they take quite a while to cook all the way through and I even made them pretty thin to hopefully save time.  I think it is because the canned coconut milk has a lot of fat, so it takes awhile for that to really cook.  Very tasty though and definitely satisfied my bread/carb craving!

paleo naan

paleo naan

A quick analysis of how I’ve been feeling: I would say it’s hard to tell.  I’m super tired and stressed with school right now, so that is definitely playing a factor.  Stomach wise, I would still hesitate to say I have seen a huge improvement.  Foods I have missed this week: BANANANANANA.  Yeah I am way missing bananas, though really my smoothies have been fine without them, just not the same.  I have also wanted chocolate a few times and been bummed to not have that.  I haven’t missed yogurt as much as I thought I would, my mashed carrots+almonds+raisins has actually been a satisfying alternative.   I’m thinking next week I might try adding bananas back to my smoothies.  We’ll see, I need to remind myself not to rush things because all of this takes a lot of time to figure out!  To quote the movie UP!: Adventure is OUT THERE! 😉