One and a half months in…

I know I’ve been a little MIA lately.. just haven’t had a lot of new things to report!  I would really say that my stomach has been completely hit or miss, which is no different than before I even started on this diet, so I’m a little perplexed by that.  My husband keeps saying that if it’s not working, then just stop doing it, but I really am trying to see this thing through.  Plus, I’m waiting to hear the results from my urine test to see if that tells us anything, one way or the other.

I was a little inspired yesterday after hearing the Hy-Vee nutritionist speak at a luncheon about how eating right is really the “cure” so to speak for all the illness in our society.  If people would just put good, natural stuff into their body in the first place, so much disease could be avoided!  So even if my stomach is still a little “wonky,” I know that it is helping me, for the most part, put better quality food into my body.  One person at the luncheon asked about how to go about buying healthy food when it’s so much more expensive, and the nutritionist talked about how good for you foods may be more expensive, but they keep you fuller so you don’t need to eat as much.  Plus, she added, when people say they can’t afford healthy food, but decide they simply MUST have the latest designer shoes, that maybe we need to get our priorities straight here and think about how the food we eat today affects how our body will be years from now, whereas the latest fashion will be gone quickly.  That really helped me to realize that I want to eat healthier and try to cut down on the chemicals and additives and just try to eat healthy grains and produce and meat, even if that means spending more money on groceries and cutting back in other areas.

One change that I do think has helped is trying to eat protein at breakfast and cutting out the cereal completely.  I do feel like in the mornings I have more energy and while I still need a bit of a snack before lunch, I’m never starving.  SO I would highly recommend trying to add more protein to your breakfast!!

I have also been finding inspiration for recipes and healthy living on my latest obsession- Pinterest!  This weekend I might give a few a whirl, possibly to include Black Bean Brownies.  I realize also that if I could just get myself to plan meals more often, then I wouldn’t get into such ruts, but that’s just something that I continue to struggle with.

My final thought was just a very quick, easy meal that I made last night that turned out well:

Black Bean & Butternut squash Pasta

  • 1/2 butternut squash, cooked
  • 2 servings of rotini shaped brown rice pasta
  • 1 can salmon, drained
  • 1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
  • A swirl or two of olive oil
  • Tiny bit of garlic powder
  • Shake of dried basil
  • salt & pepper


  1. Cook brown rice pasta in boiling water. Do not overcook. Al Dente is at 7 minutes from the boil. You want the pasta to have a very very slight crunch. (Rice pasta has the tendency to turn to mush when overcooked.).
  2. Drain pasta. Add oil to prevent sticking.
  3. If haven’t already, remove squash from skin. Add the butternut squash, black beans, spices and salmon to a bowl and microwave (this cools quickly, so make sure it’s hot).  Add this mixture to pasta and eat!