Testing out the diet

Yesterday I woke up feeling like total crap.  I had two thoughts: is this the flu? Or was it something I ate last night?  Either way, I declared it a sick day and went back to sleep till 9.  I felt a bit better after a few more hours of sleep, but still a touch nauseous.  So I moved downstairs and contemplated what would be the best way to move forward as far as eating.  I started with some watered down 100% Grape Juice and turned on the TV, delighted that a Law & Order: SVU marathon would be keeping me company (gotta love USA!).

I decided making some homemade jello would be a good next step, so I used some plain gelatin and did half water, half 100% Grape Juice and let that set.  I was feeling a bit better, so decided to make up the whole chicken for dinner that I bought for this week.  At this point, I started to actually feel a bit hungry, so I decided to give the FODMAP diet a test run!  Since my jello wasn’t ready, I thought about what I could make from scratch and decided on oatmeal.  I used plain rolled oats and cooked them with my homemade coconut milk, then added a swirl of maple syrup, ground cinnamon, and a small handful of chopped pecans.  It was sooo tasty and really hit the spot!  I also got to peeling and chopping carrots and celery for both the chicken and for snacks.  The carrots I cooked and mashed, since that was recommended for the “intro SCD diet,” I figured it couldn’t hurt to have some of those this week.

For the chicken, I cooked it in the crock pot following this recipe (minus onions/garlic per FODMAP): Crockpot Chicken
I came across this recipe first because of her entry about the benefits of bone broth, so I bought the chicken with the end purpose of also making bone broth!  The chicken was very tasty and the broth is currently simmering.  I also chopped up and baked some butternut squash with just some olive oil, s&p and powdered ginger and it was yummy- definitely buying some more of that to have on hand!

For a late lunch, I made up very plain turkey burgers, again getting the idea from the “intro SCD diet” but expanding a bit to make them not too boring.  I really just made up what to put in it based on what sounded good and fit in to the FODMAP restrictions:

FODMAP Turkey Burgers
1 lb ground turkey
1 cup frozen spinach, thawed and water squeezed out
Smoked paprika
Ground sage
Ground mustard
A few tablespoons of my homemade coconut flour

I mixed all of this and formed five patties, then dusted the outside with a little more coconut flour, then slapped them on the George Foreman for three minutes.  I thought they turned out great, a little dry but I wasn’t really surprised by that.  The one thing that dawned on me as I was eating it plain was that with the FODMAP diet, I can’t have ketchup because of the fructose!  Booo I love ketchup!  I promptly hunted down a DIY FODMAP ketchup recipe, so I hope to give that a go sometime soon.

My hunger grew throughout the day, so when I got hungry in between meals I had my grape jello, and for dessert I added some blueberries.

All in all, I’m feeling MUCH better today!  Today I’m still trying to be careful about what I’m eating, I still had my usual smoothie because it is mostly FODMAP friendly (aside from the yogurt, but I feel like it is pretty low lactose..).

I gotta say though, I was pretty disappointed with my coffee today.  I brought some of my homemade coconut milk mixed with a good bit of maple syrup to add to the coffee and it just wasn’t enough.  I only got through about half the cup and had to toss it because it was just too bitter for me.  So it looks like I’ll probably be giving up coffee for awhile, which isn’t such a big deal really.  Aside from the fact that I have like 20 k-cups hanging out in my drawer.. might just have to donate those to co-workers!