Over 3 Months In.. no major improvements

Alright, I know I haven’t posted for over a month now and really the main reason is because I have been so frustrated by it all!  I have not been feeling any better, and while I do believe a big portion of that is related to mental stress, I still feel like something should be better by now.

I have continued trying some more new foods/recipes, so I’ll have another post to chat about some of those good and bad experiments 🙂  Also, right about the time I took a hiatus, my aunt completely changed out all of the vitamins that I’m taking after getting my urine analysis back, so I’ll have another post to chat about the new vitamin regimen.  One of the big things the urine analysis showed was that I’m not absorbing folic acid.  Kind of a big thing!  So that has definitely been upped in the vitamin regimen..

But really, even after being on all of these new, supposedly better for my issues vitamins for about 3 weeks now, I’m not feeling better!!!  I continue to have major energy crises and severe GI discomfort the majority of the days.  I knew things wouldn’t change overnight, but I had really hoped that things would start getting better.  Especially since I’m taking more pills than most 80 year olds…

One change I made this week was to stop taking the tummy fiber.  My husband thought that maybe my issues have been related to having TOO much fiber, so I finally decided to see how I felt omitting that.  The first few days I surprisingly did feel quite a bit better!  But then yesterday and today, not so much…

I have also been adding in wheat a little bit here and there, both because my aunt said I could add some foods back in and because wheat has been the hardest to give up!  I am focusing on eating WHOLE wheat, so aiming for good bread.  The other items haven’t been all that hard to give up, so I haven’t felt the need to add them back in a whole lot.  Yes, I have had pizza a few times in the last month, but other than that I’m still trying to stay away from dairy.  I think with soy my goal is to try to omit that any time I can, because I do think I had the most severe issues with that, plus with all the research about it adding too much estrogen, I figure it’s best just to stay away.  Peanuts have been no problem giving up, I have enjoyed the sunflower butter and recently made my own walnut butter.  And even eggs really haven’t been that hard, there are so many ways to substitute eggs in recipes anymore that it hasn’t been a problem.

So what to do from here?  I’m not sure.. I don’t want to give up just yet, I know that the new pills might take more time to really do their work, so I’m gonna wait it out some more.  But if in another month I really don’t see any improvements, it’ll be back to chatting with my aunt to brainstorm other possible solutions.  As I said bluntly to both my mom and husband: “It is NOT normal for anyone to have this much gas!!!”