My 2011-2012 Adventure

I’ve had strange issues with my digestive system for as long as I can remember; not to get into details, but at times it was to the point where eating had become annoying and stressful.  It came down to me having a few favorite meals and foods and that’s about all I would eat if I could help it.  Until finally I went to see my aunt, who is a doctor, and she ran some tests that most doctors don’t even think about; among them was the “Allergix IgG4 Food Antibodies” test, run by Metametrix Clinical Laboratory (for those who might want to have their doctors test them).  This test looks at 90 different potential “antigens” aka foods that your body might see as foreign and attack with antibodies.  If you’re interested at all, I have another page called “Test Results” just so you can see the categories of food that it looks at it.  But essentially what it said about me was that I have a severe food intolerance, by order of severity, to:

1. Egg yolks

2. Peanuts

3. Egg whites

4. Soybeans

And a moderate food intolerance to:

5. Milk

6. Wheat

7. Casein (protein in dairy products)

8. Navy/pinto/lima beans

9. Almonds

10. Cashews

So, without further ado, this blog is about my “adventures” in eliminating these food items from my diet for a minimum of three months and seeing how this affects my life!


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