GI Tracking Apps

I thought it would be really helpful to have an app that I could use to track what food I’m eating and how I’m feeling, in order to help me track trends as well as keep me accountable.  I have found three (free!!) apps that all sound like great options!  I didn’t want an app where the main focus was on calorie counting but rather an app that let me track the food eaten and symptoms throughout the day.

The three apps I’m going to trying out over the next week or so are:

GI Buddy
GI Bodyguard

Update 3/3/14:

I have played around with all three and there were pieces of each that were nice, but I finally settled on GI Buddy because it also allows you to login via the web to log foods, etc.  It was a lot more flexible about how to add foods as well, and while it is a pain adding the foods now, it should get easier as time progresses and I eat more of the same foods.  It has four categories that you can track:

Symptoms (including BMs, etc)
Treatment (if using medication)
Lifestyle (includes stress and exercise)

I’m hopeful that it will help me see patterns in how I’m feeling based on what I’m eating!