One month in

It’s been one month on the new diet and most days I’ve been pretty disappointed with the results.  I know this takes time, so I’ll keep at it, but I was hoping that I would be feeling a good deal better by now.  There have been a few good days more recently, though I would say that today felt like a bit of a set back.  One observation I have made is that actually sticking to the diet actually has gotten easier!  It isn’t that hard anymore to avoid the things I’m supposed to avoid and find other things that I can eat, though I know that I probably should be varying my diet a little more than I am.  It’s just hard because I tend to make things en masse, like the most recent bean-rice-salmon mixture.  But I do think that even after the three months are up, I think there will be certain things that I still avoid just because they’re not all that healthy for me anyways.  Lately, I’ve been thinking that I would like to also try to avoid additives as well, since really these are things that our bodies weren’t meant to process in the first place and certainly can’t be helping my GI issues.  Probably one of the harder ones, sadly, are the artificial sweeteners..  the occasional times I have pop, which has decreased, but when I do, I have diet.. and when I have coffee, I usually add sweet n low.. One solution with the coffee is that I’m going to bring some of my Truvia to work.. supposedly the Truvia is better since it’s made from the stevia plant.. I know that’s still up for debate too.  One of the biggest issues I’ve found with food is that we keep trying to make new kinds of foods and then we keep finding out that these things are bad for us!!  Ugh, it really would be easier to just eat fruits and veggies..