Apple Cider Vinegar

After my disappointing try at an elimination diet, I was on the lookout for something else that might help with my digestive issues.  I came across the infographic below and decided adding apple cider vinegar to my diet was worth a shot!  I’ve been drinking it for probably a year and a half now at breakfast and at lunch.  I started by putting a few tsps in a big glass of water with some agave nectar.  Eventually, I got used to the taste and I just drink it with water, though at lunch I like to add a little bit of tart cherry juice just for some extra flavor.  I do really believe that it has helped me tremendously and is probably why I haven’t seriously looked at revising my diet until now.  I don’t know if it just stopped working for me, if I’ve become “immune” to it, or if I just really screwed up my gut flora at some point, but it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick anymore.  I still recommend people give it a shot, but I think my stomach issues are beyond just this as a simple fix.

10 ways to use apple cider vinegar